Stephanie Pouse Image


Partner of Brahma Roofing & Construction
Windsor, CO

Stephanie grew up on construction sites, shadowing her father and now business partner, Roy, since hard hats were bigger than her head. In doing so, she grew to appreciate the hard work and overall impact that she witnessed from in the field, in the trailer, and during site walks with crew members. Stephanie continued to explore the impact buildings can have on communities by participating and leading trips abroad. From rehabilitating a local elementary school in Mexico, to redesigning and constructing an elementary school playground in Costa Rica to mitigate flooding, Stephanie’s passion for building continued to grow. This eventually led to Stephanie co-founding Brahma Roofing and Construction, a business whose mission is to create a new level of service and trust within the construction industry.

Stephanie has spent years connecting with women in roofing, as well as studying the tendencies of female consumers across the U.S. She has collected data, feedback and experiences that have all been used towards elevating the experiences of her clients, educating her communities and encouraging the next generation of women that choose roofing as their profession. Her hard work and dedication have shifted perspectives on the industry and women in the field.

Stephanie is the chairman for Girls in The Spotlight, a local non-profit that aims to help girls find their voice and explore their entrepreneurial spirit. She also sits on the judgement panel for Colorado State University’s Executive MBA Final Capstone projects to dissect operations and impacts of service-based businesses. Additionally, she founded the company’s Brahma Strong program.