Agata Opoka Image


Owner of Design & Development Group
Schaumburg, IL

Agata, aka Boss Lady, emigrated to the U.S. from Poland in 2003 without any friends or family, or even basic knowledge of English. Agata ended up in the construction industry where she worked for suppliers for several years before working for a general contractor. Agata noticed a decline in quality workmanship and customer service, and she wanted to change that. In 2016, against everyone's advice, Agata decided to start her own construction company that would provide excellent customer service and outstanding workmanship in every aspect. Today, Agata is a business owner, wife and a mother who proudly serves her customers while standing up for her employees and working side-by-side with her suppliers. Her business motto is “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

The excellence she portrays extends not only to her customers and employees, but her community as well. Within her community she has a passion for giving back. She is a proud sponsor of Youth Soccer Academy and You Can Be My Angel Foundation and supports our Veteran’s.

Recently, one of Agata’s first customers reached out to her about an older Veteran who desperately needed a new roof. Without hesitation, Agata installed a brand-new roof on the Veteran’s home within a month for free. She was even able to convince her roofing crew to donate their time. Now, every year, Agata donates a roof to people in need, including materials and labor.

Despite the male driven industry, she is successful , stays true to herself and never forgets where she comes from. Agata is a proud recipient of the Better Business Bureau Award and holds multiple certificates highlighting and acknowledging Female Owned Businesses.