Greta Bajrami Image


CEO and Founder of Golden Group Roofing
Westborough, MA

Greta’s family left their home country of Albania during a time of war and emigrated to the U.S. when she was nine years old. During her senior year of college, Greta set out to better her life by starting her own business focusing on ways to improve the roofing industry and provide excellent customer service while elevating industry standards. Greta broke into a traditionally male-dominated roofing industry as a young, millennial, immigrant, recent college graduate. Despite having no prior experience with exterior remodeling, she turned her business into a multimillion-dollar brand and one of the most recognized roofing companies in Massachusetts.

Golden Group Roofing supports and gives back to their community. Greta and her crew have installed two separate roofs, donating all labor and materials. She’s also installed patches to ensure weather tightness on affordable home builds in Northborough, MA and Holliston, MA. Additionally, Greta installed new flooring at Women Build, an annual event that calls attention to the plight of single women who need affordable and safe homes. She proudly sits on non-profit and educational boards and she and Golden Group Roofing support the Habitat for Humanity’s mission to build homes, communities, and hope.

In addition to serving her community, Greta is constantly supporting women by sharing her story and experiences through speaking engagements and collaborations. She works with the MetroWest Women's Network where she has contributed to the growth of women and leadership. She also represents quality in roofing and makes guest appearances on Podcasts and interviews to share her story.

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