Robin Wright Image


Roofer at V&R Roofing
Tacoma, WA

Robin Wright is not only one of V&R Roofing’s most capable roofers, but she is also one of our best leaders! Her excellent communication skills consistently wow our customers, regardless of whether they are general contractors, consultants or private business owners. Here at V&R Roofing, Robin has been able share her experiences and education throughout the entire organization. Spending several years as a machinist and welder, Robin has a deep background in the trades and the two years she spent teaching at a community college has strengthened her communication and leadership skills, which she uses daily working with a wide variety of personalities, from roofers to customers and other trades.

She has an excellent eye for safety and quality, in fact our local Training Director notes "she is one of the hardest-working most capable roofers I've had the privilege of getting to know." In addition to be proficient in all roofing systems, Robin is also on top of current technology, taking the lead on several efforts to track production and reporting our progress to our customers. Robin loves the daily challenges we face and continuously strives to learn something new each day - whether it be a new technical detail, a new technology or working with a new personality.

Robin has always advocated for women who want to work in construction, but her support for women goes far beyond that. She has worked on many Habitat For Humanity projects, including fundraising and leading some of HFH’s Women Build events. Most importantly, though, Robin and her two sons have supported women’s shelters by offering their rental homes as long-term and short-term transitional shelters to help women regain their footing in life and the opportunity at a fresh start – often after being in abusive relationships.

V&R Roofing has been fortunate enough to recruit several female roofers, and Robin certainly sets the standard. Her skill, work ethic, leadership and communication abilities make her an outstanding asset to both our company and the industry as a whole! Please considering casting your vote for Robin, an extremely deserving individual.