Tomie Kay Morse Image


Founder & CEO at Watergate Roofing
Indianapolis, IN

Millie is the epitome of dedication and leadership, for any endeavor she pursues. Starting her career as a salesperson at Watergate Roofing, she has risen to become a business owner and mentor. She generously dedicates her time to causes such as providing roofs for Habitat for Humanity, championing the TOPSoccer Program for special needs athletes, and supporting the Aruna Project in its mission to combat human trafficking.

Millie’s mantra, “Do it Right and Do it Well,” inspires her team to uphold unwavering standards of excellence. Her influence and infectious spirit continue to resonate throughout Watergate Roofing.

With an infectious spirit, Millie infuses joy into every facet of her leadership, instilling in her colleagues a sense of purpose that transcends the bottom line. Millie’s leadership is not only an asset to Watergate Roofing, but an inspiration to all fortunate to know her.

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