Letitia Hanke Image


CEO of ARS Roofing & Gutters
Santa Rosa, CA

Not only does Letitia Hanke own and manage one of the best roofing companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, she is a woman dedicated to providing opportunities for the next generation. She is committed to her business, her community and providing opportunities to young people who come from disadvantaged families. Letitia created The LIME Foundation, specifically for this reason – to provide more chances for the youth of her community. Profits from her company support this mission.

Letitia faces a double-challenge in owning a business like this; she is both Black and a female in the roofing industry. It was my pleasure to have her as a student in my classes at Sonoma State University where she excelled. She is vibrant, friendly and gifted woman – it is no surprise she has built her roofing business up to a multi million-dollar company from the ground up. Along the way, she also created a program called the Next Gen Trades academy. This program introduces and guides junior high and high school students to a career in a trade. They are supported in their career growth with job and personal counseling as they progress through the program. It is the only program like it in our entire county. This program demonstrates Letitia’s commitment to the community, as our county is specifically experiencing a shortage on skilled tradespeople in general. Next Gen is run through her non-profit, The LIME Foundation and is just one of the many initiatives the foundation is involved in; it also focusses on programs supporting the arts and the elderly.

Letitia is also an incredibly generous person and enjoys helping other businesses with referrals or advice for their success. She is an incredible businesswoman and individual who truly deserves all the awards and grants. She is a light in the world, a supporter of our community, and runs a fantastic roofing company! It is truly my honor to nominate Letitia – thank you for considering to place your vote for her.