Redford, MI

Nominated By Sara kay Zivny,
Family Member
Military Service United States Army
Battery Clerk

Lori Lee AdamsDonald served in the United States Army from 1953-1955 as a battery clerk during the Korean War. He received the National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal. Donald and his wife, Gwen, moved into their current home in 1963, where they raised six children and supported countless friends and family members. Over the years, Donald did many of the repairs and renovations to the home on his own, but he also offered handyman work to high school boys that lived in the neighborhood.

In 1963, Donald and Gwen planted a blue spruce tree in the front yard, and at Christmas time (on their wedding anniversary) they would light the tree with green and blue lights, and a bright red light on top. Each year on December 17th the tree was lit to celebrate their anniversary and to kick off the Christmas season by singing carols with other families in the neighborhood. Many of the children and grandchildren from those families still drive by the house each year to see if the tree is lit on December 17th. While the tree is still there, the house is slowly losing the battle of the weather’s wear and tear, and Donald is no longer able to make the repairs on the house. If you’re inspired by his story, please vote for Donald.